Meet Gina – Leading Certified Dietitian & Nutritionist

Dietitian/ Nutritionist Gina Stear

Hi I’m Gina

I’m a mum, wife, accredited practicing dietitian specialising in early-life nutrition and lifestyle medicine professional.

Becoming a mum, I learned how incredible a woman’s body is in growing and nurturing another human being. I also learnt that feeding kids at every age and stage is tricky. I know how difficult it can be to do the juggle. Providing nourishing meals within the constraints of busy schedules, limited budgets, individual needs and preferences, while trying to navigate the abundance of nutrition advice and information at our fingertips, can be overwhelming. It has also given me a deeper understanding of the needs and vulnerability of mums in navigating and providing optimal nutrition not only to their children but also for themselves. I believe this has helped me develop a simple, easy and practical approach to providing nutritious food for the whole family.

Food is so much more than fuel

I believe food should form an enjoyable and vital part of family life. Mealtimes and family occasions play a key role in connecting us, developing a healthy relationship with food and instilling healthy eating behaviours. Having the means to instil a healthy relationship with food from a young age, despite any health-related condition, is as important as the food itself in achieving long term health and well-being. I practice a non-diet approach to food and eating, encourage variety and inclusion rather than restriction and exclusion with a focus on fun, enjoyment and sustainable habits.

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Why Early Life Nutrition Matters to me

I started my journey as a dietitian working in a children’s hospital. Through my work with children, I learned more about the importance of early life nutrition and the impact good nutrition foundations can have in setting healthy habits for life. 

The ability to nurture and nourish your child is a powerful and instinctive need for any mother. Working in vulnerable communities and in hospitals caring for premature infants and sick children I saw firsthand the importance nutrition and food can play in the health of a mother and her child. In a world of often unknowns and fear, food and being able to feed your child is the one thing a parent CAN do to help. It is also that one thing that can be a game changer to the outcome of a child’s condition and recovery. When a sick child starts improving, food and eating is that thing that provide a gauge of getting better. It can connect families again, give a child a sense of independence and offer a huge sense of joy and pleasure.

What children eat, drink and are exposed to from the time they still in their mum’s tummy, to when they are quizzy and busy two years olds, can significantly impact the way your child grows and develops. Nutrition can even affect their risk of chronic health conditions in later life, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, allergies and eczema.

There is so much scientific research to emphasise this golden time, but the status of Australian pregnant mums isn’t as good as you would think. In a recent study of the 850 mum’s-to-be, none met the basic requirements of all the core food groups. There is no doubt that many mothers feel confused, overwhelmed & stressed by what to eat during pregnancy – we need better support. 

So, in my frustration with the lack of resources for hopeful parents, I decided to focus on areas of fertility & early life nutrition, to help parents and kiddies to live their healthiest, happiest lives possible using evidence-based dietary and with practical and simple strategies.

Keeping it Simple

I am driven to empower mums with knowledge and provide them with simple tools,  backed in science, to make small meaningful changes that can have a big impact on their health and that of their children. 

So whether it’s your first step or your next step, let me meet you where you’re at in your journey and help you one simple step at a time.

Before starting Simple Steps Nutrition, Gina worked within specialised paediatric and maternity hospitals for over 10 years as well private practice and government settings in the UK, South Africa and Australia. 

Her qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (University Stellenbosch)
  • Masters Degree in Nutrition (paediatric nutrition and food allergies)
  • Certified fertility, pregnancy and postnatal dietitian
  • Internationally certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional
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TEACH – A Simple Steps Nutrition Approach to Suit All Ages and Stages

We will work with you to assess you or your bub’s current stage and nutritional requirements and then create a nutrition care plan to suit you and your family’s unique, individual requirements using best practice, evidence-based approaches.

Our ultimate goal is to enable you and your family to enjoy nourishing foods, build lifelong competent eaters that have a positive, healthy relationship with food.

TEACH Nutrition = Teaching you to create Tasty, Easy, Affordable/ Acceptable, Colourful, Healthy Food