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At Simple Steps Nutrition, the leading Central Coast Dietitian and nutritionist we work with you to make small tweaks to change habits that make a big difference to nourish mum, bub and the whole family.

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Central Coast Dietitian and Nutritionist

Specialising in the First 1000 Days

At Simple Steps Nutrition we work with you to simplify the science and give you the simple steps you need to nourish mum, bub and the whole family. 

As a Central Coast dietitian & nutritionist, specialising in the first 1000 days, we have the expertise to guide and empower you to make small tweaks to develop healthy habits at each step of your journey.

Whether it’s your first step or your next step, we will help you on the path to a healthier life, for you, your little one and your whole family, one simple step at a time.

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Good Nutrition for the first 1000 Days

Nurturing You and Your Growing Family

The 'first 1000 days' refers to the period from conception to a child's second birthday. These early days represent a critical window of opportunity for shaping a child's long-term health, growth, and development.

A healthy environment, which focuses on optimising lifestyle and nutrition, is recognised to influence lifelong health of both mum and baby. Good nutrition boosts a child’s physical and cognitive development, prevents deficiencies, reduces infection and the risk of developing chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, mental health problems and allergies.

The First 1000 days

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Navigating Nutrition

"Keep It Simple"

Our philosophy is to ‘keep it simple’ and to celebrate the simple things in life. We will equip you with doable skills and practical tools to minimise the stress and overwhelm that can come with trying to navigate nutrition within our busy lives, so that you and your precious family can thrive!

At Simple Steps Nutrition, our expertise extends across various stages of reproductive and early child development. We offer tailored nutritional guidance and support for each of these distinct life stages:

Step 1

Preparing your body with the right nutrients during the preconception phase is vital for optimising fertility and laying the foundation for a healthy pregnancy.

Step 2

We provide comprehensive nutritional support to expectant mothers, ensuring a healthy pregnancy journey.

Step 3

Nourishing mum to ensure physical and mental recovery post birth, as well as optimising breastfeeding and offering guidance for appropriate infant feeding.

Step 4

We specialize in guiding parents through the complex world of infant feeding, setting the stage for optimal development and healthy future relationship with food.

Step 5

Empowering you to transition your baby to family meals to create enjoyable and nourishing mealtimes for your entire family, based on you and your child’s unique needs.

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What We Do

Each person’s journey to becoming a parent is unique and changes, depending on the stage. We identify the stages as distinct steps, each with slightly different experiences, needs and challenges for mum and for bub. We take time to understand your individual situation so we can create a thorough recommendation, based on latest evidence, while being realistic and doable.

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Optimise and Nourish

We dive deep into what you or your child eats and drinks and guide you to make realistic changes to optimise nutrition, based on your current stage in the 1000-day journey.

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Evidence-based Knowledge

We are able to analyse your overall intake to identify and personalise exactly where you are lacking in nutrition. We use this information to optimise your nutrition and possible targeted supplementation.

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Practical Strategies & Tools

Our evidence-based advice is translated into simple, practical and realistic strategies, taking the guess work out of the ‘where’ and the ‘how to’.

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Growth Monitoring

Supporting healthy weight gain diving and after pregnancy and optimising your little one’s growth and development to give you peace of mind.

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Supplementation Guidance

We tailor your prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal supplements by understanding where you may have gaps in your nutrition. Remember, you will have increased requirements based on your food intake, age, stage, medication, medical history and preexisting deficiencies.

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Omega 3 & Vit D Testing

Both omega 3 and vitamin D play a vital role in fertility, pregnancy and postnatal outcomes. We are able to test your levels (blood & breast) using OmegaQuant testing kits. This allows us to personalise your food and supplement intake to safely optimise your levels.