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As a highly regarded specialist Dietitian Central Coast, Simple Steps Nutrition is devoted to fostering the health and wellness of our community, with a particular concentration on the essential first 1000 days of life. This pivotal period stretches from preconception to a child's second birthday, a time when proper nutrition has a profound impact on both maternal and child health. Our team, led by accredited dietitian Gina, draws on deep expertise to offer evidence-based, personalised nutritional advice. Recognising the unique needs of each stage, we tailor our approach to optimally support mothers, fathers, and their young children. Our goal is not just to provide nutritional guidance, but to help your family build the foundation for lifelong health. 

Take a step with us into a nourishing journey that will enhance the well-being of your entire family. 

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What is a Dietitian?

A dietitian, is a healthcare professional specialising in diet and nutrition. Equipped with a rigorous scientific education, a dietetic professional possesses the expertise to translate the complexities of nutritional science into practical, actionable advice. Dietitians have the qualifications and skills to assess, diagnose, and treat nutritional problems at an individual and wider public health level.

Central Coast Dietetics Services Specialising in the First 1000 Days

At Simple Steps, we have carved out a unique specialty within dietetics by focusing on the essential first 1000 days of life, starting from fertility through to a child's second birthday. Our expertise in this critical period of development allows us to offer unparalleled guidance and support to our clients. 

When it comes to fertility, we understand the power nutrition has in enhancing reproductive health. We provide tailored advice to prepare the body for conception, helping you take the first step in this remarkable journey.

As a trusted prenatal dietetics service, we guide expectant mothers through the labyrinth of nutritional needs during pregnancy, ensuring both mum and baby are receiving optimal nourishment for this period of significant growth.

Once your little one arrives, our postnatal nutritionist services offer a supportive hand in navigating the new nutritional demands for both healing mothers and rapidly growing infants. From breastfeeding advice to introducing solid foods, we are here to help.

And as your child grows, our paediatric services continue to support your family, ensuring your toddler is meeting their developmental milestones with a nutritionally balanced diet.

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Choosing to engage with a professional service like Simple Steps brings numerous benefits. Not only do they provide personalised dietary plans based on your unique needs and goals, but we also offer continuous support and monitoring to ensure optimal outcomes. Whether you're planning a pregnancy, navigating the early years of parenthood, or simply striving for a healthier lifestyle, we are your reliable partner on your wellness journey. As your trusted Central Coast dietitian service, we stand ready to guide you every step of the way to achieving your nutritional goals.

Simple Steps Dietitian Services - What We Do

Assess Nutrient Intake

One of our primary services at Simple Steps Nutrition is conducting a comprehensive assessment of nutrient intake. This involves evaluating your current diet, identifying any potential nutritional gaps, and determining how well it meets your specific dietary needs. The benefits of this process are multi-fold. It not only provides a clear understanding of your nutritional status, but also enables us to devise appropriate interventions to optimise your diet, thereby supporting overall health and well-being.

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Personalised Nutrition Strategies

Recognising that every individual has unique nutritional needs and health goals, we focus on creating personalised strategies. These strategies, based on the latest evidence, include realistic and practical steps tailored to your lifestyle. Our bespoke approach allows us to address your specific health and dietary objectives, be it managing a health condition, planning a pregnancy, or fostering healthy growth in your child.

Meal Planning for Different Ages & Stages

To complement our personalised nutritional strategies, we offer the service of creating tailored meal plans. These take into account your individual requirements, food preferences, and budget, making it easier for you to adhere to the plan. From catering to specific nutrient needs during pregnancy to introducing solids to infants, and ensuring balanced nutrition in toddlers, our meal plans are adaptable to different ages and stages of life.

Monitoring Growth for Mum and Bub

At Simple Steps, we understand the importance of tracking growth and development during preconception, pregnancy, and the postnatal stages. We provide expert guidance to help you achieve a healthy weight and support the optimal growth of your little one. Through regular monitoring and early detection of potential issues such as growth faltering, we strive to give you peace of mind, knowing that you and your child are progressing well on the journey of health.

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Family Friendly Eating Strategies

We believe that creating a positive mealtime environment is essential for nurturing healthy eating habits. That's why we provide families with practical strategies that fit in with unique circumstances, work and family commitments. From offering tips on batch cooking, to suggesting healthy swaps, and providing advice on managing picky eaters, we aim to make meal planning and preparation less stressful and more enjoyable. With us, your trusted Nutritionist, you'll gain confidence to nourish your family with delicious and nutritious meals.

About Simple Steps Nutrition - Your Experienced Dietitian Central Coast

Simple Steps bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to the field of dietetics, with a distinctive focus on maternal and child nutrition. We appreciate that nutritional benefits during the first 1000 days of life, from preconception to a child's second birthday, has profound implications on their future health. Our deep understanding of the unique dietary needs during this pivotal phase enables us to offer top-tier guidance and support.

Leading our team is Gina, an accredited practising dietitian on the Central Coast. She is the heart of our practice, bringing both professional expertise and personal empathy to her work. Her passion for nutrition and well-rounded clinical experience, especially in specialist tertiary care and children's hospitals, ensures she brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients.

Gina’s expertise doesn't just come from her formal training. As a mother of two, Gina understands the daily challenges that parents face. The struggle of balancing busy schedules, catering to individual needs and preferences, and navigating the immense world of nutritional information can be overwhelming. It's this personal experience that truly sets Gina apart. She has been in your shoes and knows how to help you manage this juggle effectively.

Beyond these specific certifications listed, Gina is also an internationally certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional, demonstrating her commitment to promoting healthier and sustainable lifestyle changes.

With Gina and the Simple Steps team as your partners, you can confidently navigate the journey of nourishing your family.

Dietitian/ Nutritionist Gina Stear

Dietetic Qualifications

Gina's extensive qualifications reflect her dedication to providing exceptional dietetic services. 

Qualifications Include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Masters degree in Nutrition (with a focus in paediatric and food allergies)
  • Certified fertility dietitian
  • Certified prenatal dietitian
  • Certified postnatal dietitian
  • Internationally certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional

From Preconception to Paediatrics: Our Holistic Nutrition Approach

Fertility Nutrition

Simple Steps also specialises in fertility nutrition. Recognising the significant role diet plays in fertility, we offer evidence-based nutritional advice to enhance fertility in both men and women. Our fertility services involve personalised dietary strategies to promote hormonal balance, manage weight and optimise the intake of fertility-supporting nutrients. 

Prenatal Nutrition

Pregnancy is a time of rapid changes and increased nutritional demands. At Simple Steps Nutrition, we understand these complexities and offer tailored nutritional guidance to support the health of both mother and baby during this crucial phase. We provide advice on dietary adjustments to meet increased nutrient requirements, manage pregnancy-related symptoms and prevent excess weight gain. Our prenatal nutrition services are designed to set the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and the future well-being of your child.

Postnatal Nutrition 

Navigating the postnatal period can be challenging, with nutritional needs changing to support recovery and breastfeeding. We provide personalised strategies that factor in the increased demands of energy, protein and other key nutrients during this phase. Our services extend to aiding the return to pre-pregnancy weight, managing postnatal depression, and ensuring optimal nutrition for breastfeeding mothers.

Paediatric Nutrition 

Nutrition during childhood plays a critical role in promoting healthy growth and development, and in establishing lifelong eating habits. Simple Steps offers expert guidance in paediatric nutrition, from introducing solids in infants to managing fussy eaters and ensuring balanced nutrition in toddlers. We help parents navigate food allergies, track growth and development, and address any nutritional concerns to promote healthy childhood.

In every phase - preconception, pregnancy, postnatal, and during your child's growth - Simple Steps is committed to offering expert guidance to ensure the best nutritional outcomes for you and your family.

Your Journey to the Optimal Dietary Health Begins with One Simple Step


Navigating the path of optimal nutritional health doesn't have to be complicated. With Simple Steps by your side, you can look forward to a healthier, happier lifestyle, underscored by evidence-based, personalised nutrition strategies.

As the trusted dietitian in Central Coast, we've made it our mission to simplify the complexities of dietary science, translating it into practical and manageable steps for you and your family. Regardless of the stage, you're at - planning for a baby, expecting, recently given birth, or raising a growing child - our expert guidance is here to support you.

We believe in the power of small changes - those simple steps that when taken consistently, can lead to significant health improvements over time. It's not just about quick fixes or drastic diet overhauls. We're here to help you make sustainable, positive changes that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, pregnancy and family nutrition goals.

We don't just limit our services to the Central Coast. We are a leading pregnancy dietitian in Sydney and Newcastle. Book your Telehealth appointments today.

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Your brighter future begins here. Remember, good health is just a 'Simple Step' away.

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