Toddlers and Young Children

The last important Step: Transitioning to Family Meals

Transitioning your child to family meals is a significant step in their nutrition journey. Enjoying a variety of nourishing foods together sets the foundation for their overall health and well-being and creating a positive relationship with food.

We will work with you to help implement simple strategies to set good foundations for achieving balance. We will consider your family dynamic, the ages and stages of growth, physical activity, individual preferences, work and school commitments. We will give you the tools to simplify everything food-related, whether its planning meals, lunchboxes or healthy snacks so you have more time in your day.

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The Vegetable Dilemma: Nourishing with Nutritious Foods

We are driven by the knowledge that improved overall nutrition with regular, structured & balanced meals enhance your child’s ability to learn, process information and manage emotions.

Recent Australian research showed that only 6% of our kiddies aged 2 – 17 years met the vegetable recommendation. More sobering is that only 4.1% eat no vegetables at all! 

We know it’s tough to get this right when our lives are so busy and our little ones can be stubborn food critics. Finding practical and affordable ways to make nutritious meals once to suit the whole family can be a game changer in our busy schedules. 

We understand that getting kids to eat vegetables can be challenging. That’s why we will give you simple tools to make nutritious meals that are fun, enjoyable and suit the whole family. We'll share creative ideas to introduce new foods and manage picky eating behaviours, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere during mealtimes.

Growing Minds and Bodies

Toddlers and young children grow at different rates, typically just as they start becoming more mobile and physically active. Fluctuating appetites, a lack of interest in eating as well as any additional health concerns may cause anxiety. We will help you understand your child’s growth needs and provide individualised strategies to optimise nutrition and navigate barriers which may be contributing to your little one’s poor eating habits.

Are you frustrated with your toddler’s picky eating?

You’re not alone!  Some form of picky eating affects at least 25% of all children and 85% of households with children aged one to ten, have a child the parent/s identify as ‘picky’ or an unpredictable eater. 

At Simple Steps Nutrition we are passionate about helping parents to make mealtimes more peaceful, raising children who have a healthy relationship with food. We will give you simple and practical strategies to improve your child’s food variety, treat any nutrient deficiencies, to nurture confident eaters.

Finding Safe Foods: Navigating Food Allergies

We'll help you identify safe and nutritious food options that cater to your child's food allergies. We will provide personalised guidance on reading food labels, identifying potential allergens, and finding suitable alternatives, helping simplify confusion around what your child can and can’t eat to optimise your child’s nutrition for growth and development. We will give you simple tools to help live with you grow a competent eater, despite the food restrictions. We will also equip you with the knowledge and skills to recognize the signs of an allergic reaction and take appropriate action promptly.

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Digestive Problems

Common gut-related problems like diarrhoea and constipation can result in decreased appetite and generally feeling unwell. Simple Steps Nutrition will provide evidence-based nutritional advice that is simple and easy to apply to address your child’s digestive problems while optimising nutrition and correcting any nutrition-related deficiencies.

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Nourishing Families, One Meal at a Time

We believe in the power of nutrition to nurture happy and healthy families.
Encouraging positive associations with food, role-modelling food choices and eating habits, prioritising meals and recognising the importance of feeding ourselves well are all important components to growing competent eaters.

At Simple Steps Nutrition we will empower you with simple solutions to make your meals fit in with the ages, stages, needs and schedules of your family. We will work with you to make feeding your family nourishing food easy, possible and enjoyable, supporting your family unit in your journey to better health through nutritious and delicious meals.

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